Videojet: Fibrestar Drums Packages

13 September 2012
Fibrestar logo

Fibrestar Drums Ltd in Disley, near Stockport, is the largest producer of fibre drums and packaging solutions in the UK. Their technical expertise and knowledge has helped to produce customised fibre drums for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries since 1948.

Fibrestar Drums are industry renowned for being able to produce bespoke solutions that are tailored to individual requirements. The fibre drums are both re-cyclable and re-useable, and are fully customisable with a company logo, brand name and product information.

In 2010 Fibrestar Drums existing inkjet printers had become unreliable and started to impact on production, often resulting in lengthy delays. Fibrestar looked in to upgrading their printers and invited Videojet to provide a coding solution that was both reliable and able to fit their budget.

They looked at several alternatives and Videojet offered the best print quality, as well as providing a complete package to fit their budget. As a result Fibrestar Drums purchased four 1610 Small Character Inkjet printers to code on to the lower part of the drum sidewall.

Videojet’s 1610 inkjet printers are used to code a date, sequential number, website, UN number, plus anything else required by the customer. The printers are linked up to a bespoke barcode scanning system, which ensures the correct code is being used on the right drum.

The Videojet 1000 series range of continuous inkjet printers are engineered to keep your production line up and running for longer, producing the sharpest codes in the industry. With its advanced core design, intuitive interface and Clean Flow print head, the Videojet 1610 is the high utilisation model from the 1000 series range and is designed for 24/7 production. Like the other printers in the 1000 series, the 1610 includes the self-contained Smart Cartridge fluid system which ensures you’re using compatible fluids, and also helps to prevent fluid spills.

Matthew Holmes, Production Manager, has been impressed with the reliability of the Videojet 1610 inkjet printers. He said: “The new 1610 printers provide the reliability that the previous machines lacked.

“Now that we have four identical machines fitted with the bar code scanning system, the operation of the printers is simple. Once an operator is trained they can move to the other production lines and operate with confidence.”