Videojet works with Homelux Nenplas

13 September 2012

Homelux Nenplas Ltd in Ashbourne has been purchasing coding equipment from Videojet Technologies for over 10 years to help code and identify their bespoke extruded products.

The existing Homelux Nenplas brand has evolved from three separate businesses, and over recent years expanded due to the rapid growth of ‘Do It Yourself’ superstores. Their extruded products are custom-built and they offer a full range of products to the building, shop fitting and caravan sectors.

Homelux Nenplas purchased six Videojet 1510 small character inkjet printers to code a date, identification, and product number in a 1-3 line message, plus company logo, on to their plastic extruded products. The site runs 24 hours a day, for 5 days a week.

The Videojet 1000 series range of small character inkjet printers produce the sharpest codes in the industry. They are simple to operate, easy to maintain and provide consistent superior print quality. The 1510 inkjet printer is designed for medium-duty applications and can run for up to 18 months before requiring preventative maintenance.

Andrew Wood, Maintenance Manager at Homelux Nenplas was impressed with the new inkjets and said that they are very reliable. “The Videojet 1510 printers are easy to use and do the job. They are never in the workshop.”

The 1000 series inkjet printers have saved the Ashbourne site at least ten hours a week on set-up and cleaning time.