Videojet’s 1000 Series making the difference

5 August 2011

Located in between Exmoor’s emerald valleys and heather coated moorlands, Styles Farmhouse Ice Cream Ltd has been making luxury homemade ice cream for generations. Made with the finest cow’s milk, and a select line of sheep’s milk, David and Sue Baker have evolved their luxury brand of home made ice cream.

Factory Manager, Julie Stokes, explained how Styles had previously owned a Videojet Ink Jet machine, which was good, but was never used to its full potential as the homemade ice cream company only worked in the summer months.

With this in mind they switched to the Videojet 1210 small character ink jet printer. The Videojet 1210 is the low utilisation model from the Videojet 1000 series platform, and offers superior print quality with simple operation and less maintenance.

Julie Stokes describes how the Videojet 1210 printer differs from their previous machine: “The Videojet 1210 is much cleaner and more reliable, with easier make-up and ink change-over, which makes for safer operation regarding smells and ink spills.”

During the summer months Styles Farmhouse Ice Cream are at their busiest, and employ around 70 members of staff. During the winter months they would drain out their old machine of all ink, and reset it at the start of the next season.

The new Videojet 1210 does not require any of this as the ‘Smart Cartridge’ ink delivery system does not require draining, lowering waste and operation costs. It is also designed to eliminate ink spills during cartridge changeover.

Julie Stokes felt that Videojet provide: “Very good service with someone knowledgeable at the end of the phone, with the added option of an engineer ringing back. Even though Videojet are a large firm, a friendly efficient service is provided.”

Like Styles Farmhouse Ice Cream, Videojet only use top quality products, which makes Videojet the ideal associate to assist this small family business with the production of their luxury homemade ice cream. Videojet maintain a strong relationship with all users of their machines, prompting their high recommendations from companies alike.