Investing in Videojet’s latest products…

8 August 2011

Symingtons, the Leeds based supplier of packaged dried foods and sauces, has enjoyed a long standing relationship with Videojet to support their coding needs over the past 12 years.

In 2009 Videojet assisted Symingtons during the expansion of their production areas to install a new fully automated line. Videojet 3320 lasers were installed on the new ultra high-speed form, fill and seal equipment to keep up with the 850 sachets per minute production speeds. The lasers are coding both the primary packaging and the secondary boxes using two different application techniques; ablation and colour change.

Since then Symingtons have continued to grow with demand driving more new lines and the need for further coding equipment. Due to the success of previous coding solutions that not only saved Symingtons a lot of money but improved efficiency in process, Videojet were chosen as the preferred supplier to work with their new inkjet applications.

The Videojet 1000 Series of small character inkjet printers have replaced a combination of old competitor and Videojet inkjet equipment.

One of the 24/7 lines in the Leeds factory has had a Videojet 1610 (high utilisation model) running for 18 months producing an astonishing 37 million codes with no downtime.

Glynn Sanderson, Maintenance Manager, was impressed by the machine’s capabilities in the fast paced, dusty environment. He told Videojet: “The reliability of this machine is the core benefit, however, the service we have received from Videojet has always been second to none.”

Five 1000 Series machines have been installed so far, with a view to continue replacing old inkjets with Videojet’s new range. Symington’s have also assisted Videojet in the Beta trials of brand new inkjet products due to launch in 2011.