Videojet Launches 1710

14 August 2011

The Videojet 1710 ink jet printer is the latest addition to the 1000 series line of continuous ink jet printers. It is designed for customers requiring high contrast, clean codes on dark or difficult to mark surfaces.

The Videojet 1710 printer can code up to five lines of high resolution print, reaching speeds of up to 271 meters per minute, for applications such as parts marking, extrusion and food and beverage markets.

“The Videojet 1710 has been designed from the start to handle the demands of pigmented inks and is more then evolution, it’s a revolution,” says Tom Hawkins, Videojet’s UK Product Manager. “It delivers planned maintenance intervals at least twice as long as its nearest rival, unparalleled reliability, and long shut downs are not a problem. In extensive field tests, the printer performed so well we struggled to get them back!”

The printer is designed to address applications that require high contrast codes from a reliable, easy to operate and simple to maintain system. Additionally, the pigmented inks create bright, clean codes on dark surfaces, dramatically exceeding the standard dye-based inks.

The Videojet 1710 uses the exclusive Smart Cartridge™ fluid system featured on all printers in the Videojet 1000 Series range. By reading the embedded microchip, the printer identifies whether compatible fluid has been installed to prevent errors in ink types or switching make-up and ink fluids. Saving time and money, the Smart Cartridge™ fluid system is designed to drain completely, wasting no left over fluids. The needle–and–septum design eliminates the need for operators to pour ink, preventing fluid spillage and waste.

The special core is engineered for pigmented inks, using an intelligent clustering of filters and components for easy maintenance. The new conical ink reservoir helps to minimize the natural effects of pigmented ink settling.

The 1710 features Videojet’s Advanced Clean Flow™ printhead design that maximizes uptime, even with the toughest pigmented inks. The high-efficiency nozzle reduces printhead cleaning through its precisely formed ink drops, and the smooth deck allows for easy cleaning.